Lerouy: Modern French Cuisine at Stanley Street!

Helmed by renowned Chef Christophe Lerouy, this industrial chic 26 counter-seat restaurant serves modern French Cuisine. 

Restaurant Lerouy was opened in collaboration with Chef Willin Low of WildRocket and Chef Gwen Lim of Patisserie G. Chef Lerouy’s classical French foundation incorporated modernist leanings at Amador Restaurant and Cellar at the Park Rotana Abu Dhabi, as well as at Alma by Juan Amador. It was at Alma where his culinary excellence and direction as the restaurant’s Chef de Cuisine was awarded the one star accolade in the 2016 Singapore Michelin Guide.


Chef Lerouy hopes to recreate his childhood memories from the countryside Montagne of Alsace in the food and in the restaurant. Which is why the restaurant has a long, curved communal table of 26 seats, as if you are dining at somebody’s home. Continuing the idea of dining at someone’s home, there is no menu, only prices. Lunch goes for $58++ (3 courses) and $78++ (5 courses) and dinner at $148++ (5 courses) and $178++ (7 courses). We were there for lunch and took the 3-course menu!

Before the first course was served, a couple of tapas items were presented. The presentation was interesting and every item was delightful and the Sourdough Bread with both original and flavored butter got us all to a great start.


For the first couple of courses, we were served Goose Liver with Apple and Smoked Sardine, Tuna Tataki with Red Miso, Gougere with Cumin and Corn Chips and Liquid “Sauerkraut” which was particularly delightful! 


After the snacks and bread, lunch began with a beautiful dish that came in a bowl. Created with crab, cheese, tomato ice and various other ingredients, the Crab Salad with Ikura tasted even more wonderful than it looked. This was followed by the Kunihiro Oyster served with Girolle Mushroom and Yuzu Kosho and some Salt Baked Cabbage with Ancholade, Lardo and Lime! Next up, was Te Mana Lamb drizzled generously with Verjus sauce, it was slightly chewy but on the whole it was a tasty dish.


Dessert was Lerouy’s version of Green Tea Ice-cream, Chestnut and Blood Orange. We generally hate Macha or Green Tea but the dessert and its flavors surprised us completely! This was followed by some Petit Fours, and almost all of them were super delish.


Our lunch at Restaurant Lerouy was actually super enjoyable as there was nothing too pretentious but every dish was simply good quality food with immaculate presentation!

TheGourmetGuhas Verdict:

Taste bud: 4.5/5

Price: 4/5

Ambience: 3.5/5

Overall Experience: 4/5

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