Thevar – Serving Modern Indian Fusion Food at Keong Saik Road

It is about time Singapore got its fair share of contemporary Indian restaurants!! Chef Manogren Murugan Thevar from Penang reigns the kitchen and wants us to have a taste of the massive potential of what Indian cuisine has to offer locals beyond thosai and butter chicken. Don’t expect grandma’s recipes; his interpretation is experimental, modern and at the very least, unexpected.

Thevar is a contemporary Indian restaurant in Singapore that serves comforting food for those who miss India. If you love mixing up flavours and dishes across the globe, be sure to visit this place.

Oysters are traditionally enjoyed with very little — only a spritz of lemon and perhaps a dash of hot sauce. Here, it’s a flavour powerhouse with Irish Oysters with Mango Chilli and Rasam Granita (S$7 for a single piece, S$36 for half dozen). You’d think that with such a potent spiced ice topping, it will outshine the delicate oysters but the brininess and measured sweetness still managed to blossom on the palate, and what’s better is that it made me even more hungrier than I already was!


Next up, was Chettinad Chicken Roti (S$20) which apparently is a super spicy dish outside of Singapore, but has been toned down for our weaker spice tolerance here with well-balanced flavours. Super delish.


Then for mains we decided to get the Tandoori Rack of Lamb (S$48) with chickpea curry and green chutney since tandoor is their signature move. We paired that with a side of Tapioca & Lentil Croquettes (S$26) served with pomegranate and date cream and some Pulled Cumin Lamb on Masala Brioche (S$22), which was a slightly sweet and a tasty carb companion to the perfectly roasted lamb that was so tender and juicy on the inside with a delightful slathering of green chutney on top. It was simply heavenly!!


On to the main desserts which I was very excited about, we were served Frozen Carrot Halwa Kulfi served with Coffee Mousse and Tulasi (S$16). It was an extremely different and innovative take on a traditional Gajar Halwa and we were not disappointed!


I had heard so much fanfare from Thevar’s opening, so I held quite a bit of expectation coming into this dinner. It didn’t disappoint at all, and I foresee myself returning with adventurous palates to have a taste of the highlights of this meal once again!

TheGourmetGuhas Verdict:

Taste bud: 4.5/5

Price: 4/5

Ambience: 3.5/5

Overall Experience: 4/5

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